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The Rehberg Konin Group appreciates the value of experiential learning, particularly in the area of risk management.  The firm welcomes students who are dedicated, motivated, and possess a sincere interest in ethical and legal matters to consider participation in our flexible internship programs. Internship experiences with The Rehberg Konin Group can be designed for various lengths of time and done formally or informally through one’s academic programs.  While the firm provides the highest level of expert consulting, similar standards are sought with students participating in the internship program.  Our commitment to you is a valuable and rewarding experience, and we trust your commitment to us will be of the highest level or professionalism and integrity.

Internships are considered for enrolled students in the following professional areas:






Gender Studies

Human Resources


Goals of an Internship:

Introduce background foundation for risk management standards

Exposure to a highly organized ethico-legal organization

Provide opportunities to engage in research, data collection, and writing

Develop enhanced risk management awareness

Foster an appreciation for maintaining standards of care and ethical values

Expectations of an Intern:

Demonstrate a sincere interest in risk management matters

Adhere to all privacy and confidentiality of The Rehberg Konin Group

Commit to agreed upon length of time for approved internship

Provide quality contributions reflective of The Rehberg Konin Group’s standards of excellence

Demonstrate the highest levels of professional behaviors and conduct at all time

Communicate in a timely and professional manner at all times

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