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The Rehberg Konin Group is prepared to provide expert consultation

in any of the following practice areas:

Standard of care issues

Adherence or deviation from industry guidelines

Supervision of athletes and patients

Falls & injuries

Post-surgical rehabilitation procedures

LGBTQ and gender equity issues
Policies and procedures

Injury prevention programs

Sexual harassment


Equipment safety

Hazard analysis and mitigation

Emergency response

Academic grievances

Venue safety and protection

Youth sports participation

Club/gym participation

Physical agents, burns, and damage

Professional ethics

High school, collegiate, and professional sports participation

Sports specific standards

Specific examples of services we provide include:

Sports Risk Management Consulting

College, University, and secondary school sports medicine policy and procedure reviews

Development of standard of care programs for sport concussion, exertional heat illness, sudden cardiac death and other injury prevention approaches
Independent safety and risk management audits
Risk and hazard analysis of sports facilities

Review of appropriate medical coverage for College, University and secondary school settings

Expert review of job descriptions and annual performance tools and procedures

Setting-based individual and staff-based reviews of appropriate salary, value and worth

Documentation audit of record-keeping

Review of league and conference-based policies

Critical review of COVID-19 policy, procedures, implementation and assessment plans

Educational Programming, Design, Development, Accreditation, and Assessment

Academic program accreditation preparation and assessment

New program development

Program content development

Risk management professional development courses

Academic policy and procedure review

Title IX, gender, racial, disability discrimination

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty

Faculty performance, promotion & tenure, guidance and review

Faculty and student academic grievance

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